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Superbowl Big Money Bonuses

Current Line for Superbowl
Current Line for Superbowl

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Superbowl Props!



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Superbowl XLIII
Superbowl XLIII

NFC Wild Card Game

Free $50,000 contest! Deadline is today to enter!
Free $50,000 contest! Deadline is today to enter!

I found a great contest and its FREE! If you know of any other good ones for the NFL playoffs let me know! I wanted to post who I am taking today and why too! Here is the NFC, but check back later and I will put up the AFC.

NFC Wild Card Game

Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals 1 / 50.5

This line like all of them this weekend are interesting as home teams are either a dog or a pick’em going into today’s action. That would indicate these teams are somewhat even.

The Cardinals had a great year as Kurt Warner regained his MVP form and they showed they have the best wideouts in the game. They clinched a home game in Arizona for the first time in forever and got the state a buzz with NFL playoff fever. They then hit the skids, getting hammered at home to the Vikings and giving up New England before rebounding late in the season against Seattle, but are they too late?

The Falcons are one of the surprise teams of the year and they have the offensive rookie of the year in Matt Ryan at QB. Michael Turner has been a stud behind one of the better yet lesser known offensive lines in football. They now take their game to the road to see if they can move forward and get a win. Matt Ryan has done well in college post season but it’s another story in the NFL. Unlike the Cardinals the Falcons ride a three game winning streak headed into the playoffs.

Can a Rookie win on the road in the playoffs?
Can a Rookie win on the road in the playoffs?

Backing a rookie on the road is a scary proposition but its one that I am willing to do here and it’s mostly due to Michael Turner. Teams that can run the ball pounded the Cardinals and pulled away early and with Turner running well that will free up passing lanes for Ryan using play action. In the Wild Card round being at home is not always the best thing as hosts are 8-8 and 6-10 against the spread. Arizona is just 2-7 ATS as an underdog of late. The Falcons laid down in the last game and gave up chunks of yardage on defense but if you look closer you will see they have a pretty decent defense. The Falcons defense gave a flat performance in allowing the reeking Rams to gain 400 yards and are 26-6 ATS in road games after allowing 400 or more total yards in their previous game.

Teams that rush for more yards in a playoff game are 127-40 ATS (76.0%). The team that is ahead typically will run the ball more, but still it is important to know which team can better control the line of scrimmage. Keep in mind though, that the record of this trend last January was just 6-5 ATS.

You would have to think that the Falcons will be able to run the ball better.

There are some pretty decent trends that favor the Cardinals too but I am taking the Falcons in this game.

Atlanta -1

NFL Playoffs Free Contest

Okay guys I told you I would like to find some great contest for the NFL playoffs and I found a few. My main goals were to find one that was free and offered plenty of prizes and chances to win.

Free big money NFL Playoffs contest!

Free big money NFL Playoffs contest!

Here are the prizes!

$28,000 in Overall Prizes*

  • Top 275 finishers overall are winners
Overall Rank Prize
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21-25 $150
26-50 $100
51-100 $75
101-175 $50
176-275 $25

$4,000 in Weekly Prizes**

  • $1,000 in weekly cash prizes*
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Rank Prize
1 $500
2 $250
3 $125
4 $75
5 $50

Pick Deadline: 4:30 PM EST on Saturday, Jan. 3, 2009

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Barkley at it again

You either love Charles Barkley or you hate him, but if anything he is entertaining! Barkley was arrested on suspicion of a DUI early on December 31st and just like Chuck to make it interesting…

Former basketball legend Charles Barkley, 45, was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona in the early hours of December 31, 2008, for DUI. According to the reporting officer, Barkley – who was pulled over for running a stop sign – was in a hurry to get oral sex.

“He told me that he ran the stop sign because he was in a hurry to pick up the girl I saw get in the passenger seat,” the officer said.

“He asked me to admit that she was ‘hot’. He said, ‘I was gonna drive around the corner and get a b**w job.

“He then explained that she had given him a b**w job one week earlier and said it was the best one he had ever had in his life.”

Barkley, who refused to undergo a breathalyzer test, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Charles Barkley currently works as a TV commentator on TNT.